2017 Colors Trends

2017 Colors Trends

“Breathe” Colors for 2017 are softer and more laidback for 2017

2017 colors trends: “Breathe” Colors are softer and more laidback

they create a sense of relaxation, invitation and contemplation. The color of the Year is “Nomadic Travels” from the Groundwork collection.
It is a true neutral; it can be warm in the sun and cool in the shade making it a great canvas for all of the other colors in your room or on the outside of
your residence.

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Mother Earth

These earth tones are staples to coloring a home, they are basics that showcase accent colors on walls, accessories and furniture.
They are perfect for any room in the home. Pair them with the “Out of this World” colors for added drama and sophistication.

Out of this World

Proud member of Color Guilde 2017 colors trends: bright, bold, deep and mysterious they add dimension to spaces
throughout the home, in large and small amounts.

Down to Earth

Popular colors that have an underlying hue to them. They are soft and sophisticated and can be used in a broad spectrum of locations from high rises to farm houses.

Meadows and Marines

Views from space show the beauty of the earth in blues and greens, colors that are in everyone’s memories and reminiscent
of sunny days, favorite lakes and lush forests. They are calm, cool and relaxing.


Micca : fièrement membre de Color GuildSoft colors that are backgrounds of a lighter ilk. They create space, reflection and are perfect for large open concept spaces and in rooms that need more light.