About Us

Micca is a Quebec-based paint manufacturer for more than 30 years

Micca Paint Inc. is a Quebec-based company founded in 1985 that specializes in the manufacturing of interior and exterior paints and coatings.

Our paint brands offer superior levels of performance for the needs of the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Micca is also a distributor of a range of tools and painting accessories as well as a range of professional services to support you in your renovation or decoration projects.

Your satisfaction is our mission

Renowned for the quality of its paints, wood stains, varnishes and exterior coatings, Micca has four main objectives:  to provide the consumers and professionals with products of high quality made with the best resins, at the lowest price possible.  Low VOC’s and repecting a low carbon footprint are essential to our process. 

Micca’s strength is in its team of technicians and advisors who participate in continuous training programs, which allows them to offer to our customers the best paint products.  There are no middlemen. With their extensive knowledge of our range of over 150 paint products, Micca’s specialists are able to give you great advice on the paints or coatings that are best suited to your project.

A history marked by development and innovation

Micca was founded by Mr. Michel Cutrone, who has more than 45 years of experience in the paint industry and is still the majority shareholder in the company. In the beginning, Micca had only one retail store in St-Léonard, Montréal, and its factory was in a modest 8,000 square feet building in the St-Laurent district.

Thanks to its founder’s expertise and instinct for business, Micca has known steady growth through the years and has obtained a top niche in the residential, commercial and industrial paints market.

Micca’s factory, administrative offices and outlet are located are the heart of the City of Laval’s industrial park, in a 42,000 square feet building.  Micca currently has 12 stores, and its paints and coatings are distributed through a large network of retailers in Québec, Ontario and New Brunswick.

An environmentally-friendly and innovative company

Micca is constantly evolving. The continued research and development of new products is paramount to its success.

Micca Paint has always respected the environment. The goal was to develop alternatives to oil based paints.   Drawing from a European mentality to respect the earth and to avoid waste Micca has ALWAYS manufactured water-based paints and coatings, even before the largest manufactures had considered this a new direction.  All our manufacturing waste water is rebatched into other paint products. Nothing is wasted or disposed.   Micca also offers a range of water-based epoxies and varnishes that are less harmful than the traditional oil-based products.

Micca has always met or exceeded the governmental regulations related to the protection of the environment. Absolutely no lead or mercury is used in the manufacturing of its coating and paint products and all of Micca’s latex or acrylic-based products are low in volatile organic compounds (VOC). Micca has also developed a line of VOC-free paints.  

A partner of choice for your decoration projects

Micca’s expertise is your ally for all your decoration and renovation projects.  Micca renowned color paint matching reputation is second to none.  As a member of Color Guild, the world authority in paint and colors, Micca knows that it must keep up with the latest trends in the industry and the evolving needs of its customers. Micca believes it's important to be able to anticipate the trends and make adjustments accordingly.  

Micca will help you with your projects. Call in our interior decoration services, offered in store or at home, or use our online paint color simulators, which allow you to select colors, match them, and visualize your combinations in your interior.