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10 tips and tricks to choose the right paint colors

Choosing the right colors to create the perfect atmosphere is always difficult. That’s why calling in an interior decoration professional is strongly recommended. Micca’s interior designers are color matching specialists who keep up with the latest color and design trends; they will help you achieve your decoration goals while taking your budget and tastes into account. Get your color advice now.

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As a complement to our services and tools, the following tips will help you to make an informed choice of colors.

A widespread myth on color says that dark colors make a room seem smaller and light colors make it seem bigger.

In fact, it’s the degree of luminosity of the color that gives you that impression. A pure color is very luminous while a color that contains some black will absorb more light even if it is bright. For example, a pearl gray, because it contains black, will absorb more light than a bright dark red, so the pearl gray room will seem smaller than the dark red one.


Color combinations also have an effect on how you perceive the size of a room.

The color contrasts can also make a room seem larger or smaller. If you choose intense colors that generate strong contrasts, the room will look smaller. On the opposite, a monochrome color match will create an impression of space.

Light is the factor that influences our perception of color the most.

To help you choose between several color samples, you should compare them under natural daylight in the room you want to repaint. Stick your sample to the wall vertically, not horizontally.

The colors of a room influence each other.

For example, next to a gray wall, a white wall will look dirty. Even though beige is a neutral color, its numerous variations make it the most difficult color to choose!


Treat your ceiling like a wall.

We often tend to paint our ceiling pure white, but since pure white reflects light abundantly, the ceiling will naturally attract our eye because of the contrast it creates with the walls, giving us an impression of disharmony in the room. Toning down your white a bit will help you create the balance you are looking for.

To make a room seem larger,

it is recommended to paint the ceiling the same color as the walls or darker. In addition, if a restricted space is also dark, you should add more lighting and contrasting accessories.

inspiration-couleursTo highlight your moldings or other architectural elements (pillars, beams, etc.)

Apply a glossy finish or a contrasting paint color.

When you are planning the decoration of a room, the choice of paint colors should be the last step.

Choose the elements of your décor that are costly and will stay there for a long time first. This includes floors, furniture and other decoration accessories (curtains, blinds), etc.

Paint colors are unlimited and can easily be changed. It will always be easier to choose a paint color according to the colors of the materials and accessories installed in the room than the opposite.

When you are looking for a paint color, remember to bring samples of your fabrics, wallpaper, tiles or any other element of the room you wish to match a color with. This will help our designers to suggest the right tones.

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