Virtual Decorator

Create perfect color matches with our Color visualizer and Virtual painting tools

Choosing the right paint color is a process that can sometimes be difficult. And once you have selected your colors, matching them can be a real headache. That’s why Micca offers you a few interactive tools that will help you select your colors and match them to create a harmonious color palette.

Once your colors are selected, bring your samples or color numbers in store. Our coloring technicians will be able to reproduce the exact same tones in the paint product of your choice. You can also get advice from our interior decorators at one of our stores; they will gladly confirm your choices or make suggestions if needed.

Color Wizard

Discover our inspiring colors and use your creativity!
Create the color matches of your dreams

Our Color Wizard virtual tool, developed by Color Guild colorists, allows you to browse our signature color palettes: COLOR IS and The TIMELESS HISTORIC COLLECTION.  This fun tool allows you to mix and match color combinations on a prototype room with options for trim, walls and ceiling colors. The Color Wizard also provides guidance on potential color clashes and companion color ideas.

If you are having some paint issues on your walls or trim, the Color Wizard also has a great guide to common paint failures in the Solutions area.

Virtual painting – Color visualizer

Need color ideas for your living room,
kitchen, bedroom or bathroom?

Our virtual painting tool will help you quickly visualize how certain paint colors and color combinations might work for your home – inside or outside.

The Color Guild Color Visualizer takes the Color Wizard to the next step and allows you to work on preformatted room photos or even better upload a photo of your room or exterior and begin to plan out your color! The Color Visualizer features both the COLOR IS and The TIMELESS HISTORIC COLLECTION.

Click here to access the Color Visualizer

*Please note that both the Color Wizard and Color Visualizer are not designed to work on mobile phones - for the best experience we strongly suggest you visit this page from a workstation or tablet to take advantage of these powerful tools.

In store Match-Rite®
color reproduction service

You love the color of one of your decoration accessories and you would like to reproduce it on your walls? Or maybe you need to do some touching up but you don’t have your color number and the old paint can is long gone?

Come visit us in our store with your decoration accessory or a sample of your color. Thanks to our computerized Match-Rite® color reproduction system, our color technicians will be able to reproduce the exact color you need in the Micca paint product of your choice.

Need additional help to choose your colors?

Find inspiration in our 2016 color trends

Use our color and decoration consultation service, offered in your Micca store or at home! Our designers can give you expert advice and answer all your questions.