2020 Colors Trends

2020 colors trends

Inspiring colors are in vogue

Trend colors for 2020: The inspiration of nature, strength and courage

Colors of the year n° 0864: Lioness

Brave, expansive and openly outspoken, Lioness 0864, Color of The Year 2020, exudes independence, generosity and light. As we continue to break boundaries and defy definition, we are also discovering new ways to relate to each other in our constant search for connection.




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Warm colors, self-expression, live the present moment

Inspiration of the moment with our trends 2020 colors

Lioness takes on a fresh appearance when paired with cool-toned neutrals and muted hues. This combination feels light and crisp with the yellow bringing welcome warmth and clarity to the predominantly shaded quality of the rest of the palette. Here, tonally similar Sheepskin, Plume Grass and Big Fish are uplifted with the introduction of Lioness. This palette is the perfect application for bright and inviting living and dining areas. Furthermore, try the greyed-off blue tone of Overlook with Lioness for a more contrasted finish

Originality and audacity!

Fier membre de Color Guilde

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2020 Colors Trends in warm earthy tones

For a soft, calming approach, Lioness is transformed when paired with warm, earthy tones, becoming an idyllic shade for relaxed interiors as the tonally similar gradient from light to dark creates a powerful yet soothing atmosphere. This inviting and cosy color combination makes Lioness ideal for bedrooms and rest areas, especially in harmony with a blend of Calliope and Soufflé in tactile volumes of textile and decorative furniture. For even more variation try Lioness as a highlight against Sizzling Hot for a rich and sophisticated finish.

The beautiful colors of the year

Fier membre de Color Guilde

The contrast between our yearning to be part of the pride and desire to buck the crowd informs the eclectic mix of muted tones and vibrant hues emerging as perfect pairings for our color of the year, Lioness. With a few helpful hints, find inspiration in this glorious shade and all its possibilities; as the leader of this trend, Lioness is a bold encouraging color that says Go ahead, roar a little!