Natural Whites

Natural Whites

Despite the easing of lockdowns, those sunny beach holidays and planned vacations may remain very much postponed. To bring a little welcome optimism into your home, this month’s palette is inspired by the natural and bright outdoors. Fresh sea air, rays of sunlight and vast sandy beaches are evoked where warm, softly cocooning Moon Drop meets radiant Little Dove and a smooth Hint of Vanilla, whilst a cooler duo, Bonaire and White Kitten add a pleasing clean and fresh feel.

Natural Whites 

Warmth and perfect

A layered combination of off-whites with gentle warmth are perfect for creating a soothing and tranquil nursery for your little one. Try the sand and stone inspired combination of Moon Drop and Little Dove for walls and keep woodwork and furniture in the soft Hint of Vanilla. Style with rattan pieces and textiles in natural beiges for a touch of Scandinavian Hygge.

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Soft and buttery

For a light and airy kitchen and dining room, the cooler White Kitten and Bonaire with their slight gray-blue, gray-green undertones will really brighten and bring clarity to your space and make interiors appear much larger. Pair with Hint of Vanilla for cupboards and kitchen fittings and keep surfaces in natural light woods.

Update bedrooms and guestrooms with this contemporary pair of tinted whites. Opt for the soft and buttery, Little Dove for wooden furniture and the slightly cooler Bonaire for walls. The soft tonal contrast between these warm and cool off-whites creates a timeless and classic style and is an extremely versatile paint choice for adding your own personal décor touches.

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