Neutral paint colors

Neutral paint colors

Summer Breeze

This month, we’re inspired by breezy days at the coast. A scheme of creamy neutrals, calming blues, and a comforting pink create a harmonious palette to see you through the summer and beyond. With a little inspiration and a few easy tips and tricks, you too can bring the summer breeze into your home! Neutral paint colors a must for the summer.

Freschness with neutral paint colors

The clarity of Polished Cotton adds a fresh feel to kitchen cabinets. For a classic interior style, pair with the mid-tone blue Cape Cod Bay through feature cabinets and soft textiles. Cyprus Spring is the perfect partner to the blues of the palette and works beautifully when applied as an all-over coat on walls for a bright and airy feel.

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Neutral paint colors in small space

In smaller bathrooms, this subtle triadic scheme using colors spaced equally from the color wheel works perfectly. Pair soothing blue Cape Cod Bay bathroom cabinets with soft pink Bay Coral walls. This glowing pink evokes summer sunsets and creates a calming atmosphere. Complete the harmony with tiling inspired by Always Neutral and ceilings and trim in Cyprus Spring.

For bedrooms, the combination of sandy Always Neutral and off-white Cyprus Spring creates a refreshing yet tranquil space. These naturally harmonizing hues will brighten and bring the illusion of more space to any room. For a more contemporary feel, bring the traditional ceiling line down and add bold furnishings in Bay Coral for a pop of color.

Cape Cod Bay is a calming mid-tone blue, making it perfect for home office and study space focus areas. Use the lightest tone from the palette Cyprus Spring on remaining walls for a bright and uplifting atmosphere, perfect for breaking up relaxation and workspaces in the same room. Use a combination of natural wood, painted metal furnishings in Polished Cotton, and green foliage for a summery seaside style.

This month’s versatile palette works equally well in tonal groupings, a triadic scheme or stand-alone shades. Whether you’re looking to transform one room or your entire home, get inspired by this perfectly balanced and stylish color scheme that brings the warmth and joy of summer into your home.

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