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Alongside brighter and lighter pink-purples, these deep shaded purples are a key development from SS 2020. This group anchors and complements the strong yellow presence in the full forecast.


Warm dark colours increase in importance as rusty reds are joined by red-purples in an expansion of the wider red colour family.

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Purple and mix

Sangria, Juniper and Ash, with similar levels of shading and saturation, reflect the development of blue cast reds as palette anchors.

Individually, these hues are a complement to directional yellows and warm greens whether man-made or botanical.

The most red-based of the trio, Sangria has a soft warmth that pairs well with yellow-greens.

With the greatest amount of blue, Juniper has a velvety quality and works as a contrast in a palette of cooler tones.

With the slightest tinge of red-blue, Ash is a smokey and subtle purple neutral. The balanced red and blue undertone gives an Ash an especially changeable appearance in different colour combinations.

The standards for these colours are referenced to the closest Pantone, NCS and RAL, plus RGB, CMYK, LAB and HEX breakdowns in MIX Magazine.

In Context

The richness of a deep purple and the historical cost of producing purple dye contributes to its reputation as a luxury colour.

This luxurious character is intensified in tonal and analogous combinations with dark blues and pinks.

Moving away from traditional velvets and silks, less expected applications see purples emerging in laminates, solid surfaces and powder coatings.

Here, we take a look at how our AW 2020/21 forecast purples are emerging in design.


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In Brief

Dark purples are a natural grounding complement to strong trending yellows and yellow-greensThe development of blue based dark reds adds to the wider direction for warmer dark hues

 Challenge classical notions of purple through hard surfaces

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