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Paint store Gatineau paint for sale

Paint for sale Gatineau

Paint store Gatineau

Micca Paint Gatineau

851-A, boul St-René Ouest
Gatineau (Québec)
Canada J8T 7X5

Téléphone : 819-561-4464

Télécopieur : 819-561-4474 | Google maps

It will be a pleasure to help you and give you advice at our paint store Gatineau, see detail in store for paint promotion and rebate

Tips and advice paintings for sale Outaouais

Painting tips

Micca Paint store Gatineau shares with you these tips and answers to the most frequently asked questions. Visit one of our specialists to help you in the preparation and realization of your home painting project. To paint a bedroom, living room or even your entire condo or house. We are the benchmark in the Outaouais region paint for sale in promotion now

Color advice

Choosing the right colors to create the desired mood is often a challenge. This is why hiring an interior design professional is highly recommended.

Paint and color trends

Paintings and colors trends for this year, Micca painting offer you the new trends in painting in Quebec for this year. Take advantage of this moment to refresh the decor of your home and brighten up your living spaces with new colors. See Paint for sale at Micca paint store Gatineau

Need help ?

Need help choosing your paint colors?

Use the advice of our interior designers to select your paint or colors and create the perfect arrangement of your dreams. For a consultation with our designers, drop by your Micca paint store or take advantage of our home decorating service!

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